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Solid Wood Panel

Solid wood panel production of Salkım Forest Products begins from the forest. Logs are procured by our expert teams.
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Wood is produced with water, sun, soil and air, not with chemicals
Increasing focus on environmentally friendly living increases the significance of environmentally friendly material wood even more today. Renown as an environmentally-friendly material since it is a renewable natural resource, wood began to reclaim its popularity recently although there have been times of less preference due to emerging new materials and its production requirements. The most important reasons behind this are; natural texture, aesthetic and visual value reflected in spaces as well as reliability of wood. Solid wood has been the preference of architects, civil engineers and informed consumers recently as it is natural, sustainable, renewable structural material that is safe against earthquakes and fire, and lighter than other materials.

Nothing is more natural

Speaking of natural, renewable structural materials, wood is the first one to think of and the most widely used material. Wood is naturally sourced, renewable, sustainable, reusable, environmentally friendly, waste-free and a completely engineering material.

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